Lottery Simulator for Python 3

Please note: Linux Student Lottery Simulator has absolutely no affiliation with the National Lottery. This software generates random numbers (much like the lottery) and produces statistics based on those numbers.

Linux Student's Lottery Simulator can simulate the National Lottery results much quicker than you can imagine.

Linux Student’s Lottery Simulator can simulate the National Lottery results much quicker than you can imagine.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could “fast forward” time and find out how long it would take you to win the lottery? With Linux Student’s (LS) Lottery Simulator you can play lottery draws as fast as your computer allows. Our program will tell you how long your numbers (or a lucky dip) take to win the jackpot! Read more

New Higher Computing: Server-Side vs Client-Side

Most websites will have some form of server-side or client-side scripting. Find out the difference when we compare them. Read more

Digital Forensics Bible – The Four Principles

  • This post is part of the Digital Forensics Bible series.
  • Before reading this post, it would be a good idea to read the Digital Forensics Introduction.
  • This post is relevant to NPA Cyber Security Level 6 (Digital Forensics Unit).


In the UK, anyone who wants to forensically examine a digital device will most likely follow the same set of rules and principles. These principles were defined in a document which was published by ACPO.

There’s a reason why companies will follow ACPO’s rules. The natural tendency is to think “I’ve got this device, let’s plug it in and see what’s on it” – but that won’t hold in court. Here’s why… Read more

Do Kids ‘Get’ Computing?

Growing up in the digital age is a problem for kids. They have become so reliant on computers that they take many things for granted. I predict that this will present a problem in the next twenty years in Computing. Read more

Algairimean Coitcheann agus Mach-chur gu Faidhlichean ann am Python

There follows an article explaining this program in Scottish Gaelic which uses four standard algorithms, inputs from a text file and outputs to multiple text files.

Ùidh agaibh ann am prògramadh agus Gàidhlig agaibh? Tha prògram Python gu h-ìosal ann an cruth zip a leughas liosta àireamhan o faidhle teacsa. Lorgaidh e an àireamh as motha agus as lugha anns an liosta. An uair sinn iarraidh e targaid mar àireamh (le dearbhadh steach-chur) bhon cleachdaidhear agus innsidh e ma tha an targaid anns an liosta is ma thà cia mheud turas. Sàbhalaidh e am mach chur ann am faidhlichean teacsa a bharrachd air sealltainn air an sgrìn.

Dè bhur beachd? Ma tha sibh airson barrachd prògraman mar seo fhaicinn gabhaidh sin dèanamh.

Python Aglairimean Coitcheann

Python Lottery Simulator (Source Code)

Below is the code for the Lottery Simulator. This can be copied and pasted into Python rather than downloading the executable or the source code files.

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Flight Encounter

this is the first level on the game

this is the first level on the game

Flight Encounter is a simple game I made while studying NPA Games Development at Prestwick Academy. The aim of the game is to complete each level by defeating the foes in your path and defeat the boss. Read more

Linux vs Windows

Every operating system has pros and cons. This is an impartial guide to both Windows and Linux, and contains a summary of both.

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The Main Differences Between Windows and Linux

This article is part of the impartial Linux vs Windows series.

One of the main differences between Linux and Windows, is the command line usage.

One of the main differences between Linux and Windows, is the command line usage.

Somebody who’s been using Windows all their life will naturally be confused when they begin experimenting with Linux (or any other operating system for that matter). However the key to understanding a different operating system is to compare it with one which you are already familiar with. We’re going to take a look at the main differences between Windows and Linux and hopefully prepare you for using Linux! Read more

Linux Mint 16 Virtual Machine Download

Linux is pre-installed on our Virtual Machine

Linux is pre-installed on our Virtual Machine

Linux Mint 16 Virtual Machine download: Download Linux Student’s virtual machine with Linux Mint pre-installed. Our image is Linux Mint 16 tweaked to include Scratch and Chromium.

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